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R4 3ds card such as r4i gold,r4i sdhc3ds, supercard dstwo an other r4isdhc series

Which is the best R4 Card for Nintendo 2DS from 6.0 to 11.2 firmware?

R4 card can support Nintendo 2ds console too, which is the one working from v6.0 to v11.1, which is the best R4 card for 2DS and can we use R4 card plays Nintendo 3ds games on 2DS device, this post is to solve these problems for you.

Which R4 cad supports from 2DS V6.0 to V11.2?


This card from r4i-sdch team. Which has the most advanced real-time save function. If you do not know about it, go to the product page to read more about it.

R4I SDHC 3DS RTS is a brand new product released by R4i-sdhc team. It is a featured r4 card which support run numerous ds games on 3ds/3ds xl/2ds console.This R4I card can support 2DS v11.2.0 and DSI v1.4.5 directly. Compared to other R4, the R4i-sdhc RTS card has more striking functions, such as full feature real time save(4 save datas for RTS), multi-language options and Wifi download engine. In a word, r4i sdhc 3ds rts is your Ideal choice to play free DS Games on Nintendo 2DS and other 3DS family consoles.

2 ACE3DS PLUS (cheape

Compared with Free Arm9loaderhax/Luma3DS/Rxtools CFW, Gateway 3ds flash cart has any advantages?

If you do not know is there still the need for buying flash cart Gateway 3ds since free 3ds Arm9loaderhax/Luma3DS/Rxtools CFWs are already supporting the users to play cia 3ds games and homebrews on 3DS/N3DS consoles. Let me tell you here. In fact, though you have to pay for the flash cart, it has the Advantages that makes your 3ds gameplay more easily and conveniently.

Gateway 3DS Flash cart advantages over than Arm9loaderhax/Luma3DS/Rxtools 1) Game saves (card type 1) is always stored in a separate .sav file on the root of your SD card This means that you can simply copy and paste these .sav files to other 3DS running Gateway mode. Just keep in mind that these .sav files are encrypted and only readable by Gateway. To copy these .sav files into CIA, you can use SavDataFiler to export and then import them back in the target 3DS console. With game saves using CIA based roms, you will have to use SavDataFiler to export the game save manually one by one and then reimport

GW 3DS emunand 11.1|can we update to 11.1 emunand to play free Disnesy Art Academy, Yo-kai watch 2?

Can we update GW emunand to 11.1.0-34 on 3ds or new 3ds console now? If not, does Gateway 3ds card supports free Disnesy Art Academy, Yo-kai watch 2 or other new 3ds games? How we could play All 3DS Games on 3DS FW V11.1? Do not worry, all answers are here.

Update GW Emunand to 11.1.0-34?

No, at least not for now. The time we 3ds-flshcard write this post, the GW still not release a new official Firmware for the 3ds recent update. So you should wait. If you are so hurry and already update to the GW emunand 11.1.0-33, you can find the 3ds game memu is not working. That's meaning Gateway 3ds card is not supporting Emuand 11.1.0-34 now, users should wait for the update from GW. Keep the Emuannd version up to 11.0.0-33, that's the highest one.

Does Gateway 3ds supports free Disnesy Art Academy, Yo-kai watch 2 or other new 3ds games?

Yes, though Gateway 3ds card is not supporting emulating the latest 3DS Sysnand 11.1, the flash cart can still be used to play the new 3ds games

iPhone 7 supports Super Mario | R4 3DS can hack Mario on iPhone 7?

Everyone is waiting the release of iPhone 7, what's this new laptop? The main iphone 7 of surprise was the presence on stage of Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario, who presented the first official game using the iconic Nintendo character on smartphone. And Super Mario game will be available on iPhone 7. So are we can hack Super Mario on iOS?

iPhone 7 supports Super Mario

Mario a surprise arrival in the App Store, Shigeru Miyamoto, creative manager at Nintendo, came in person announces Super Mario Run, a specific version of the platform game developed for iOS. The assembly is controlled by extended support for the direction and jumps. The central concept is the same, but many game elements help to enrich the title, as a race against time with an adversary that can choose in contacts (with the corresponding Mii).

As long as Mario to land in the App Store, the small stickers plumber will be made available in the iOS version of 10 messages. Here is the link to Super Mario Run on t

Which is the best R4 3DS cart to buy for playing 3DS Dragon Ball Fusions?

Which is the best R4 3DS cart to buy for playing 3ds Dragon Ball Fusions and other US/EU 3ds games? Here is the answer. Currently, there are 3 Brands R4 3DS carts are highly recommend in the whole market. They are as following, I will tell you which can support 3ds games and which only supports ds games.

3ds Dragon Ball Fusions


Dragon Ball Fusions (ドラゴンボールフュージョンズ) is a game released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. It was released on August 4th 2016.

Dragon Ball Fusions takes place in a world where everything gets fused. The protagonist is a boy who gets flown into “Fusion World.” This is where he meets rival Pinich and many others. Frieza also makes an appearance saying “the time for revenge has come,” which we’ve heard on several occasions already, but he’ll once again reunite with Cell and face the heroes.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, you create your own character and select the race and gender of your character – human (male or female), Saiyan (male or female), alien (m

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Sky3ds+ VS R4 3DS dual core, which one supports 3DS and NDS games in 2016?

Can't decide which to buy, Sky3ds+ or the R4 3DS dual core card? Which one supports 3DS and NDS games? What are their differences? Buy them from which online site? Here are the answers.

Sky3ds+ and R4 3DS dual core, which support 3DS and DS games?


No, Sky3ds+ is supporting Nintendo 3ds games and R4 3DS dual core card is playing Nintendo ds games. The 2 flashcards support one game type each, if you buy one of them, you can play 3DS or DS games. For enjoying both 3ds and ds gameplay on 3ds or new 3ds consoles, you have to buy the two flashcards too. There is no flashcard can support 3ds and ds games in one cartridge for the time being!

Comparison of Sky3ds+ and R4 3DS dual core
Comparison SKY3DS+ R4 3DS DUAL CORE
Game Type 3DS Game NDS Game
3DS Compatibility 3DS 10.7 to lower versions. 3DS 10.7 to lower versions.
Price $95 $17
Other features
  • Homebrews: Support.
  • Region Free: No.
  • Firmware: Support.
  • Real time save: No.
  • User cheats:No.

R4 3DS card VS Supermysterychunkhax, which works on 3DS XL to run homebrews and free games?

R4 3DS card like R4i sdhc 3ds supports Homebrews and free games on 3DS XL? Or the latest 3ds exploit Supermysterychunkhax is better for hacking 3DS/3DS XL console? Here let me compared the 2 different 3ds hacker for you!

R4 3DS card supports 3DS Homebrews and games?

No, R4 3DS card such as R4i sdhc 3ds, r4i gold 3ds, r4i sdhc dual core, r4i gold pro, ace3ds plus can't support 3ds homebrews or games. They all are the DS emulation card, can be used to play DS games and homebrews. But for 3ds emulation, they can't! If you are looking for 3DS emulation card, choose Sky3ds+ here. It is compatible with 3ds games

R4 3DS card can do on 3DS/3DS XL

  • Play thousands of DS Games.
  • Run DS homebrews, apps, emulators and little games.
  • Bypass 3ds/3ds xl region locking, run other region ds roms.
  • Support multimedia file playing.
  • Support real-time save, guide and user-cheat for ds games.
  • Multiple language.
  • Changeable skin.
  • User-friendly UI.

R4 3ds card can't do on 3DS/3DS XL

  • Play 3ds ga

What are the cons of sky3ds+ plus v112 firmware?

Before buy the Sky3ds+ card, do you want to know its cons and pros, if you do, read this article.

Sky3ds+ with 112 firmware Pros

Compatible with NEW 3DS Games and All 3DS Firmware

Sky3ds+ is fixing AP check problem, supports new 3ds games released in 2016 or future. It works on 3ds 10.7, 10.6, 10.5 to the lowest 1.0 firmware version.

No damage to 3DS/N3DS/2DS console

The Sky3ds+ emulates a real 3DS-cartridge, so it won't affect your 3DS in any way, unplug it and no one can tell, that you ever inserted the card. You can of course use the e-shop to buy additional content or games, Nintendo can't tell that you have the Sky3DS+ inserted.

Work with 3DS Exploit to support Homebrews, Region free and Game modding.

You can use Sky3ds+ and Cubic Ninja to access Homebrew and then use emulators, region free exploit and hans on 3DS/N3DS/2DS consoles.

Best card for lazy 3ds gamer

3 steps for using Sky3ds+ on any 3ds/n3ds/2ds machine. 1. Download sky3ds+ firmware from

Which NEW 3DS XL flashcart hack Fire Emblem Fates Edition and Super Famicom Edition console?

In Japan, 2 NEW 3DS XL consoles are allowed for pre-order. When the new hand held system are released, which 2016 3ds flashcart to buy for them, do you have any idea? If not, let me tell you here.

Fire Emblem Fates Edition and Super Famicom Edition New 3DS XL

Fire Emblem Fates Edition and Super Famicom Edition New 3DS XL are available for pre-order in Japan until April 27 at 11:59 a.m. JST. If you order the special edition now, you will get the item in July.

The price of Fire Emblem Fates Edition New 3DS XL is 20,304 yen with an additional 514 yen for shipping. You will get Super Famicom Edition New 3DS XL hardware, theme download code, a stylus, a 4GB micro SDHC memory card, AR cards, easy start guide, user manual, and warranty certificate.

You will spend 21,600 yen with 514 yen shipping fee for Super Famicom Edition New 3DS XL which including:Fire Emblem Fates Edition New 3DS XL hardware, TCG Fire Emblem 0 exclusive cards, a stylus, a 4GB micro SDHC memory card, AR c

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Can SKY3DS+ support any 3DS Game on 3DS and NEW 3DS console?

The sky3ds+ which can support NEW 3DS Games blue sky3ds can't play will be released soon! Does this card support ALL 3DS Games on 3DS/NEW 3DS console? And Is it easy to use as the Blue sky3ds? All you want to know is here.

NEW Sky3ds+ Card

SKY3DS+ also called SKY3DS Plus is the third version SKY3DS card from The new card with better functions and game compatibility. For solving AP check issue, sky3ds+ supports new 3ds games which blue sky3ds doesn't support, for example the latest Monster hunter X; for supporting Two orange buttons, sky3ds+ card can be used to change 3ds games more conveniently. One is for the next game, the other is for the last game, you can change directly between 2 3ds games. No press only one button all the time; for having firmware, sky3ds+ can be updatable if Nintendo block it or users want more functions on the card. All in all, sky3ds+ plus card is better than before and worth the money you pay for it.

SKY3DS+ support ALL 3DS Gam
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